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Mary Barra Net Worth

Few names resonate as profoundly in corporate leadership as Mary Barra’s. As the head person of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at General Motors, her influence extends far beyond the confines of the automotive industry. While her professional achievements are widely recognized, delving into Mary Barra Net Worth unveils a narrative of financial prowess and strategic insight. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of her wealth and the trajectory that led her to such commanding financial heights.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Mary Barra was brought about in Royal Oak, Michigan, on December 24, 1961. Her journey to corporate prominence is marked by determination and exceptional aptitude. Barra started her remarkable career at Kettering University, previously General Motors Institute (GMI), where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. 

A Steady Ascent within General Motors

Barra’s tenure at General Motors traces back to 1980, a pivotal year that marked the genesis of her remarkable journey within the automotive giant. Throughout the decades, she traversed through myriad roles, each one a stepping stone towards greater heights of achievement. Her ascent within the company was characterized by a ceaseless commitment to excellence and an insatiable hunger for innovation. In 2014, Mary Barra reached the pinnacle of her career when she assumed the role of CEO, a testament to her exceptional leadership acumen and strategic foresight.

Mary Barra Net Worth Insights

As of April 1, 2021, Mary Barra Net Worth stands at an impressive $178 million, a testament to her invaluable contributions to General Motors and the automotive industry. Ms. Barra’s financial portfolio includes over 4,680 units of General Motors stock, valued at approximately $49,308,330. She has executed numerous trades over the past 13 years, selling GM stock worth over $106,717,726. As the Chairperson and Chairman of the Board at General Motors, Mary Barra is paid $21,630,900 per year.

  • Mary Barra owns over 4,680 units of General Motors stock, valued at approximately $49,308,330.
  • Over the last 13 years, she has sold GM stock worth over $106,717,726.
  • As Chairman of the Board and CEO, Barra earns an annual compensation of $21,630,900.

Barra’s astute financial manoeuvres are reflected in her trading history, with over 46 trades of General Motors stock recorded since 2011. Notably, her most significant trade involved the sale of 1,303,027 units of GM stock on March 22, 2021, amounting to over $75,536,475. On average, Mary Barra has executed approximately 29,426 units of trades every 27 days since 2010, a testament to her wise investment strategies and financial acumen. Despite her extensive trading activity, as of April 1, 2021, she retains ownership of at least 1,127,563 units of General Motors stock, underscoring her enduring confidence in the company’s prospects.

Personal Life

Behind Mary Barra’s professional achievements lies a supportive personal life, anchored by her husband, Anthony E Barra. While much of Mary’s public persona revolves around her corporate endeavours, her personal life remains a source of strength and stability. Anthony’s unwavering support undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in Mary’s ability to navigate the complexities of corporate leadership while maintaining a balanced life outside the boardroom.

A Shared Journey of Success

Shared triumphs and mutual respect mark Mary and Anthony’s journey. As Mary navigated the complexities of corporate leadership, Anthony stood by her side, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way. His unwavering belief in Mary’s abilities was a constant source of motivation, propelling her towards greater heights of achievement.

A Balancing Act, Family, and Career

Despite the demands of Mary’s corporate responsibilities, the Barra household remains a sanctuary of love and companionship. Anthony’s presence provides a welcome respite from the rigours of the boardroom, allowing Mary to recharge and reconnect with what truly matters. Together, they strike a harmonious balance between family life and professional obligations, ensuring that neither aspect overshadows the other.

Shared Values and Common Goals

At the core of Mary and Anthony’s relationship lies a shared value and vision for the future. Their mutual dedication to excellence and integrity is the foundation upon which their partnership thrives. Together, they epitomize the notion of a power couple, complementing the other’s strengths and bolstering their shared aspirations.


In corporate leadership, Mary Barra stands as a paragon of success. Her journey is characterized by resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. Beyond her professional accolades, Mary Barra Net Worth is a witness to her financial acumen and strategic foresight. Mary Barra’s impact will live on as she continues to break new ground and redefine expectations in the industry, inspiring future generations. 

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