John Green Wife | Sarah Urist Green and Their Enduring Love

John Green Wife

Sarah Urist Green, often known as John Green wife, is a remarkable individual with distinct career and personal achievements that stand out in their own right. While many may recognize her through her association with the renowned author John Green, Sarah Urist Green has significantly contributed to art and media.

After nearly two decades of marriage, John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green, are as strong as ever — and he isn’t shy about sharing why! At a screening of the film “Turtle’s Down,” based on John’s novel of the same name, the author opened up about his marriage to Sarah Urist Green and how the two are still so happy 18 years after saying, “I do.”

Early Life and Education of John Green Wife 

Sarah Urist Green was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She pursued higher education at Northwestern University, where she graduated with a degree in art history. Her education provided a solid basis for her future aspirations in the creative industry.

Career in Art and Media

John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green, has carved out a successful career in the arts. She initially worked as a curator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), curating several innovative and well-received exhibitions. Her work at the IMA highlighted her ability to blend traditional and contemporary art in ways that engaged and educated the public.

In 2014, Sarah Urist Green ventured into digital media by creating and hosting the PBS Digital Studios series “The Art Assignment.” This educational web series explores contemporary art and its impact on society. Each episode features an artist who assigns viewers a creative task, encouraging them to explore their artistic abilities. The show has been praised for making art accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience.

Personal Life and Family  

As John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green balances her professional life with her role as a mother and partner. The couple has two children, Henry and Alice, reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. Despite their busy schedules, Sarah and John Green prioritize family time and often share glimpses of their life on social media.

Contributions and Influence

Sarah Urist Green’s work has profoundly impacted how contemporary art is perceived and appreciated. Through “The Art Assignment,” she has inspired countless individuals to engage with art in new and meaningful ways. Her capacity to explain complex concepts in an approachable manner has earned her a loyal following and considerable respect in the art community.

The Secret to Their Long-Lasting Relationship

When asked about rules that have helped guide their relationship over the years, John, 46, had a simple answer. “We just care about each other a lot,” he tells PEOPLE of Sarah, who posed by his side at the premiere. John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green, has been his steadfast partner throughout their journey, sharing life’s triumphs and challenges.

Insights from Literature and Life

The young-adult novelist also recalled a tidbit about the love he gleaned from fellow author Philip Roth in “The Human Stain,” published in 2000. “There’s a great line in a Philip Roth novel where somebody says, ‘It’s not about owning the person, it’s about having a contender in the room with you,'” Green explains. “And for Sarah and me, we are each other’s contender in the room.” This mutual respect and recognition of each other’s individuality have been pivotal in their marriage.

A Love Story Years in the Making John Green Wife  Sarah Green

John and Sarah — who share two kids, son Henry, 14, and daughter Alice, 10 — first crossed paths at Indian Springs School as teens but did not begin dating until years later. As John’s TikTok-famous brother Hank Green explains in a 2010 video announcing Henry’s birth on their shared YouTube channel “vlogbrothers,” the “Looking for Alaska” author took “little notice” of his now-wife at the time. Years later, he recalled, “Well, I think I thought she was cute.”

Rekindling Their Connection

Sarah Urist Green, on the other hand, quite clearly remembers the charmingly nerdy upperclassman, though their interactions were few. After graduating from the Alabama boarding school, it took about a decade for the pair to cross paths again. At the time, Sarah lived in Chicago and learned that her friend and sparring partner had previously dated John. Shortly after, they reconnected, began emailing, and then dating in 2004. A year later, John proposed, and they tied the knot in Alabama.

Celebrating Achievements Together

The couple of 18 years keep their relationship private, although John has supported Sarah on his social media. In 2020, he ended an Instagram hiatus to promote her book, “You Are An Artist.”It’s a fascinating book filled with creativity prompts from all kinds of artists,” he wrote at the time. “The book has been a real balm amid the fear, helping me to pay closer attention while making stuff for and with people I love.” John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green, has been a life partner, inspiration, and creative collaborator.

Shared Moments on the Red Carpet

The couple has also hit several red carpets together over the years, including at the premieres of John’s book-to-film adaptations “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns.” Following the premiere of TFIOS in 2014, John posted a photo of the couple to Instagram and wrote, “So special to share this with the love of my life.” These moments underscored the deep bond and shared joy that defines their relationship.


Sarah Urist Green, John Green wife, is a dynamic and influential figure in the art world. Her contributions as a curator and media personality have enhanced the cultural environment and motivated several to explore their creativity. While she is often associated with her famous husband, Sarah Urist Green’s accomplishments and influence stand firmly on their merit.

John Green wife, Sarah Urist Green, exemplify a partnership built on mutual respect, shared values, and a deep love that has endured over the years. Their story is a testament to the power of caring deeply for one another and supporting each other’s dreams and accomplishments.

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