George Foreman Wives | Journey Through Love and Resilience

George Foreman Wives

George Foreman, the legendary boxer and entrepreneur, has had a dynamic personal life characterized by five marriages. Each relationship has its own unique story and significant place in Foreman’s journey, reflecting various stages of his life and career. Let’s explore the lives of George Foreman wives and his enduring relationship with Mary Joan Martelly.

Who is George Foreman?

George Foreman is an iconic figure in the world of boxing and beyond. Born in Marshall, Texas, on January 10, 1949, Foreman rose to prominence as a professional boxer, earning the title of World Heavyweight Champion twice during his career. Known for his powerful punching and formidable presence in the ring, Foreman became an Olympic gold medalist in 1968 and achieved numerous accolades throughout his boxing career.

Beyond boxing, Foreman is also a successful entrepreneur and author. He is widely recognized for his endorsement of the George Foreman Grill, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide. His business acumen and charismatic personality have made him a beloved public figure. Foreman’s life story is one of resilience and reinvention, from his early struggles to his comeback in the boxing world and his transition into a successful business career.

Family Life and Legacy

George Foreman’s family life is as dynamic and extensive as his professional career. He has twelve children, including five sons who share his name: George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI. This unique naming tradition reflects Foreman’s deep pride in his legacy and his desire to create a lasting familial bond.

Foreman’s children have followed various paths, with some venturing into boxing, business, and other fields. His daughter, Freeda, briefly pursued a boxing career before transitioning to other endeavors.

Balancing Fame and Family

Managing a large family and multiple marriages has been challenging for George Foreman. His fame and the demands of his career often strain his personal relationships. However, Foreman’s resilience and commitment to his family have been evident throughout his life.

In interviews, Foreman has often spoken about the lessons he has learned from his marriages and the importance of faith, forgiveness, and family. His journey from a troubled youth to a world-renowned athlete and successful businessman is evidence of his capacity to rise above hardship and find security.

How Many George Foreman Wives Had?

George Foreman has been married five times, each marriage representing a distinct chapter in his multifaceted life. His journey through these marriages highlights different stages of his personal and professional evolution, painting a vivid picture of a man who has navigated triumphs and trials both in the boxing ring and beyond.

Adrienne Calhoun (1971-1974)

George Foreman married Adrienne Calhoun in 1971. Adrienne was Foreman’s first wife, and their marriage marked the beginning of his personal life in the public eye. The couple shared some formative years of Foreman’s early boxing career, but their relationship was short-lived. They divorced in 1974 after three years of marriage. Despite the brevity of their union, Adrienne’s role as Foreman’s first wife remains significant in his life story.

Cynthia Lewis (1977-1979)

In 1977, George Foreman married Cynthia Lewis. This marriage came at a time when Foreman was transitioning in his career, dealing with both professional highs and personal challenges. Cynthia and George’s relationship lasted for two years. They divorced in 1979, with Foreman continuing to build his legendary status in the boxing world during and after their time together.

Sharon Goodson (1981-1982)

Sharon Goodson became George Foreman’s third wife in 1981. Their marriage was particularly brief, lasting only a year until 1982. Despite its short duration, Sharon’s marriage to Foreman was part of a period marked by significant changes and reflections in his personal and professional life. Sharon Goodson’s time as one of George Foreman wives reflects the whirlwind nature of his relationships during this era.

Andrea Skeete (1982-1985)

George Foreman’s fourth marriage was to Andrea Skeete in 1982. This relationship lasted three years, making it one of his longest marriages before he met his current wife. Andrea and George’s marriage was another chapter in Foreman’s complex personal life, intersecting with his return to boxing and his eventual rise to fame beyond the ring. They divorced in 1985, the same year Foreman would meet his lasting partner.

Mary Joan Martelly (1985-Present)

Mary Joan Martelly became George Foreman’s fifth and current wife in 1985. Their marriage stands out for its remarkable longevity and stability. Unlike his previous relationships, George and Mary Joan have built a lasting partnership that has spanned decades. Together, they have raised children and navigated Foreman’s various career paths, including his ventures into business and his role as a family man. Mary Joan’s support and their enduring bond highlight a significant chapter in Foreman’s life story, illustrating the strength and resilience of their relationship.


The journey through George Foreman wives showcases the varied and eventful path of his personal life. From his early marriages to his enduring relationship with Mary Joan Martelly, Foreman’s marital experiences reflect both the challenges and triumphs he has faced outside the boxing ring. Each wife has played a role in shaping the man known not just for his boxing prowess but also for his resilience and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many times has George Foreman been married?

George Foreman has been married five times. His marriages reflect different stages of his life, from his early boxing career to his later years as a successful entrepreneur and family man.

Who was George Foreman's first wife?

George Foreman's first wife was Adrienne Calhoun. They were married from 1971 to 1974, during the early years of Foreman's boxing career.

Who is George Foreman's current wife?

George Foreman's current wife is Mary Joan Martelly. They have been married since 1985, making their marriage the longest and most enduring of Foreman's five marriages.

How long has George Foreman been married to Mary Joan Martelly?

George Foreman has been married to Mary Joan Martelly since 1985. Their marriage has lasted for nearly four decades, showcasing a strong and enduring partnership.

How many children does George Foreman have?

George Foreman has a large family with 12 children. His children include five sons named George (each with a different middle name) and seven daughters. His children have been an integral part of his life, both personally and professionally.

What is George Foreman known for besides boxing?

Besides his illustrious boxing career, George Foreman is known for his successful business ventures, particularly The George Foreman Grill has sold in excess of 100 million units globally. He is also an author and a motivational speaker.

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