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In the glitzy realm of Hollywood, where romances frequently waver like shooting stars, the union of Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, stands as a testament to enduring love. Their story, a blend of romance and commitment, began with an engagement in August 2011 and culminated in a wedding on October 6, 2012. This article delves into their journey from engagement to marriage, highlighting their relationship’s distinctive elements. Amber Tamblyn husband David Cross’s relationship’s longevity is not merely a result of uncertainty but a testament to deliberate effort and mutual commitment. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the couple, who have been together for 15 years and married for 10, discussed how couples therapy had played a pivotal role in maintaining their relationship and how it influenced their new film, You Hurt My Feelings.

The Engagement Amber Tamblyn Husband August 2011

In August 2011, Amber Tamblyn, known for her roles in “Joan of Arcadia” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and David Cross, the actor-comedian famed for his work on “Arrested Development” and “Mr. Show,” announced their engagement. The news of their marriage was met with widespread acclaim and curiosity. With her captivating presence and versatile acting skills, Tamblyn and Cross, with his sharp wit and comedic prowess, seemed an unconventional yet perfectly matched pair.

Their engagement was not just a promise of marriage but a declaration of mutual respect and admiration. The couple, dating for several years before deciding to take this significant step, exemplified a partnership built on a foundation of shared values and interests. Their engagement was emblematic of a modern love story, where both partners brought their unique strengths to the relationship.

The Wedding October 6, 2012

A little over a year after their engagement, Amber Tamblyn husband David Cross exchanged vows on October 6, 2012. The intimate affair, attended by close friends and family, reflected their tastes and shared sensibilities. The ceremony, imbued with warmth and sincerity, celebrated their love and commitment to each other.

The wedding took place in a picturesque setting, enhancing the romantic ambiance of the occasion. Tamblyn, with her distinctive charm, and Cross, with his characteristic humor, made their wedding a memorable event not just for themselves but for all who attended. Like their personalities, their union perfectly blended elegance and fun.

A Union of Talents and Minds

Amber Tamblyn husband David Cross are well-regarded in their respective fields, and their marriage represents a confluence of talent and intellect. Tamblyn’s career has been marked by her capacity to depict a variety of people with depth and authenticity. Her performances are often praised for their emotional resonance and complexity. On the other hand, Cross has carved a niche for himself with his biting humor and sharp social commentary. Together, they form a dynamic duo, complementing the other’s strengths.

Their relationship is also a testament to the power of collaboration and support. In various interviews, both Tamblyn and Cross have spoken about how they inspire and challenge each other to grow personally and professionally. Their marriage is a romantic and creative collaboration, where each partner respects and encourages the other’s artistic endeavors.

The Enduring Nature of Their Love

Amber Tamblyn husband David Cross have cultivated a lasting bond in an industry known for its brief relationships. Their journey from engagement to marriage is a story of love, respect, and mutual admiration. It is a narrative that defies the often cynical view of celebrity relationships and offers a hopeful perspective on the possibility of enduring love in the limelight.

Over a decade strong, their marriage continues to thrive, inspiring many. They have shown that keeping up a loving and encouraging relationship amid the demands of celebrity and public scrutiny is possible with a strong foundation of trust, communication, and shared values.

The Role of Couples Therapy

Amber Tamblyn, 40, and Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, 59, revealed that couples therapy has been integral to their enduring bond. “I’ve had couples counseling with David before,” Amber Tamblyn shared, reflecting on their personal experiences. She emphasized the importance of therapy in long-term relationships, stating, “I don’t know any relationship that has lasted past ten years that hasn’t been in couples therapy. If it has, and they haven’t had couples therapy, then there’s a problem with those folks.”

Their openness about therapy underscores its significance in fostering healthy communication and resolving conflicts. In You Hurt My Feelings, Tamblyn and Cross portray Carolyn and Jonathan, a couple whose tumultuous relationship is scrutinized through therapy sessions. This dynamic mirrors their real-life commitment to addressing and overcoming challenges within their marriage.

Prioritizing Each Other Amber Tamblyn Husband

Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, consciously prioritize each other amidst their busy lives. They maintain a tradition of nightly dates, reinforcing their connection. Tamblyn described these moments as essential to their relationship: “We go to our local favorite little bar in Brooklyn, and we drink and talk about the day or the week. And we do it almost every single night. And it’s just sort of a nice moment to have together that feels like two adults enjoying a great date night each night, which I think is lovely. And we’ve done that for our whole relationship.”

This consistent dedication to spending quality time together, even amidst their professional and parental responsibilities, highlights the couple’s commitment to nurturing their bond.

The Film You Hurt My Feelings

You Hurt My Feelings marks the first feature film in which Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, have acted together despite their numerous previous collaborations. The film, directed by Nicole Holofcener, explores themes of honesty and the impact of white lies within relationships. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Beth, a novelist whose marriage is disrupted by her husband Don’s (Tobias Menzies) candid critique of her latest book.

Tamblyn and Cross play a couple, Carolyn and Jonathan, who struggle to find common ground in therapy sessions. Their familiarity with couples therapy informed their portrayal, allowing them to bring authenticity to their roles. “We knew the dynamic a little bit, and it was fun,” Tamblyn noted. Cross added, “And that couple’s relationship with each other and to the therapist — you know, that’s the whole movie. The idea of the movie writ small. It’s just about honesty and little white lies and how useless they are.”

Lessons from Therapy

Reflecting on their experiences in life and the film, Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, advocate for honesty and effort in relationships. Cross emphasized the necessity of working on relationships, stating, “You’ve got to work on it. Our characters said things like, “Leave it to somebody else.” Furthermore, they don’t appear to want to do the real work that has to be done.”

Tamblyn concurred, highlighting the importance of facing fears and being truthful with one’s partner. “It’s existentially and psychologically scary to tell someone who you are so tethered to and so intimate with the truth about how you feel,” she acknowledged. Yet, she believes that such honesty is crucial for personal and relational growth. “All growth starts from that point.”


The engagement and marriage of Amber Tamblyn husband David Cross is more than just a Hollywood love story. It is a testament to the enduring power of love and the importance of building a relationship on mutual respect and admiration. Their journey from engagement in August 2011 to their wedding on October 6, 2012, is a beautiful reminder that true love, nurtured and cherished, can withstand the test of time. The journey of Amber Tamblyn husband, David Cross, both in their personal lives and in their new film, You Hurt My Feelings, illustrates the power of effort, honesty, and therapy in sustaining a long-lasting relationship. Their candidness about their own experiences provides a refreshing perspective on the realities of maintaining a healthy partnership, offering hope and inspiration to couples everywhere.

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